Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The first graders are continuing to learn more about MS-Word.  In their own words, it is a great place to put "WORDS!"  They learned about clipart (a fun new experience), and added their names with changes to font (we call it style), color and size.  Great job 1st graders!

The 2nd graders created one slide of a PowerPoint.  It was an acrostic poem about the word MOON.  They created the poem and added clipart, and I created a PowerPoint of all the slides. 
Give this link a click to visit my website and view Mrs. Rafferty's class' PowerPoints.

Be sure to check out the newly designed Center School Website that I just finished, along with all the teacher websites, including mine!  
Center School Website 

The 4th and 5th graders have been experimenting with creating QR (quick response) codes.  We went to Wikipedia and learned what they were and then we had fun creating them on the Dell computers and reading them with the Scan app on the iPad.  Here is a fun one to scan, give it a try!
 Leave me a comment about where this qrcode takes you!  Is it a teacher site, a student site, or video or words????  Let me know.....

Here are some videos from library and technology:

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