Monday, November 5, 2012


The 4th graders have been busy learning Scratch.  It is a programming language to create animation.  If you don't have the Scratch program on your computer, it is a free download.

**Go to and download the program.  It is a fun way to learn programming skills.

The learning projects are available on my wiki,, under Scratch projects 4MC, 4ML and 4H.  Click on download and  usually if you click on the green flag in the upper right hand corner animation will occur!

The fifth graders have made great animoto shows.  Fun and easy.  Great job.

Here are some fun pictures from the library:
Choosing a new book is sooooo hard!

Love to read!
Books are great!

The third graders have started typing in the lab using Type to Learn 3.  We will also be using other fun online typing programs, such as Keyboard Rebuild  , BBC typing, Spider Typing and Online Typing.

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