Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Activities

4th graders have been busy learning how to use iMovie iTrailers on the iPad using the library/computer lab ideas.


First graders talked about and read many Dr. Seuss books.  They used their skill in MS-Word to create a list of nonsense rhyming words from an actual word.  They had fun and practiced their word processing skills too.  After creating their document, they printed and drew a fun picture to go along with the Dr. Seusslike sentence using Dr. Seusslike words.

The Grade 2 students worked in groups and continued on their Google Earth quest and explored space, mars and other countries.  Group work is important and they did a great job solving problems and learning to work together.  Also in groups the students used the app "Bluster" on the iPads to practice rhyming words, prefixes, and synonyms. 

Grade 3 researched on the Internet and in the library for information on their habitat project.  They also learned more about how to use the catalog to search for a book.  If you would like to search for a book, please click on the following link, click on Center School and click on the tab that says CATALOG.  The catalog is always available.  Have fun, and have your student show you how to get to the Destiny Quest (hint: click on Destiny Quest on the left hand side of the screen once you see the catalog search line).

Grade 5 tried a new program, MS-Excel and created a quick graph with animal lifespan data.  They had fun learning how to manipulate data in the cells, creating the graph and then changing the graph with clipart and color.

And of course, students are still enjoying the library and the books!

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