Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Activities: All About Grace Lin! Grace Lin is coming to visit our school. Last summer the entire school read her book; Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  All month the students have been researching information and taking notes on Grace Lin using two websites, and   After their research each grade created the following projects. 5th graders created a QR code sensation that is displayed all around the library.  Using MS-Word to create the final product and the website,, they wrote a question about Grace Lin and the answer in the QR code. They then downloaded the QR code into the document, wrote the bibliography and their name to finish.  All the grades have used the Scan app on the iPads to find out the answers to these fun questions!  Here are some examples:
Here are some of the younger students enjoying the activity:


The 5th graders have also been busy creating a Science Website on their new Google Accounts.  Using my Google Website "How to create a Website", they are creating their first website on their accounts.   (Click on the link if you want the instructions they are following).  It is exciting and they have been adding information on Electricity, Proton, Neutrons and Electrons.  Here is an example:
 Electricity Website 
The 5th graders have also been participating in the production of CSS, otherwise known as Center School Sightings!  They are using reporting skills, video skills, and green screen and iMovie knowledge to create a superb TV production on exciting things happening at Center School. Thanks to the creators of this project, Sue Dufraine and Laura Giuggio, it has been a success and a lot of hard work and fun.  Click on the link to enjoy:
4th graders were busy making Wordles, Tagxedos or Diamante Poems using their information from Grace Lin.  They are on the window of the lab! Please enjoy.  Here are some examples:
3rd graders created crossword puzzles or wordsearch puzzle using their Grace Lin research information.  Already many students have tried their hand at solving them.  They are located at the circulation desk, right where the basket of shelfmarkers and dragons are!  Please come and try some of them.  Here are some examples:

Also from their project at the beginning of the year, I created a PowerPoint about Grace Lin from each student:
2nd graders used their research to practice their MS-Word letter writing skills.  After watching a video, listening to a short biography, and listening to Ling and Ting, they crafted a letter to Grace Lin.  Their instruction was to pretend they were talking with her and to ask questions and tell her about themselves.  They could then add a piece of clipart.  The students did a great job.  The letters are on the windows of the lab. Here are some examples:
1st graders also watched a video, listened to a short biography, and listened to Ling and Ting, but they used their new MS-Word skills to write one sentence about Grace Lin.  It needed a capital letter to start the letter, be a complete sentence with correct punctuation at the end.  When they were done, they illustrated their page and it became part of the "biography" of Grace Lin for their class. These "chapters" are located on the library windows by the teachers work room.  Please read and enjoy.  Here are some examples:

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