Friday, January 10, 2014

January News - Our very own Wolf Swamp Review TV show will be shown locally on LCTV.  LCTV is run from Longmeadow High School and their station manager is Dave Bartlett.  He has our shows on DVD and will be showing them on Saturday at 10AM and/or Tuesday at 6PM.  Be sure to watch and be amazed at how hard the 5th graders are working to create a monthly news show.  Remember all is not yet perfect and we are working on each broadcast to fix and adjust our studio, sound, lighting,script writing and reading.  The students involved so far have been exceptional and taken everything in stride. Our network name says it all "Wolfy News Network" or WNN (win!) for short.  Wolf Swamp students and staff have been very accommodating while we learn how to manage time and information.  Thank you to all.

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