Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Congratulations, Wolf Swamp School!  We had a great start to the new year.  The students all worked hard to create a "tech" project for Open House.  Here is some of their work.

The First Graders went on the iPads and used Drawing Pad.  They took their picture and wrote a sentence about what they liked about school so far.

Here is a PowerPoint of Ms. Holmes's first graders!  Enjoy

Here is a PowerPoint of Mrs. Powell's first graders
Here is a PowerPoint of Ms. Fenton's first graders

The new Kindergarten class is starting to use iPad apps. We started with a Coloring App, and have moved on to a Drawing app called Doodle Buddy.  We listened to The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle using the computer.  They drew wonderful rainbow fish, caterpillar and butterfly pictures.

The 2nd graders are starting to learn what a word processing program is used for in the classroom.  We have just started with the iPad and Pages app  and have worked on some great "All About Me" posters.  Here a a few.

The 4th graders have been creating Wordles.  The first one was about the summer reading book, The One and Only Ivan.  The second one was created from geography words associated with the BrainPop videos about geography  themes.  Here a couple of examples:

The 3rd graders worked hard on a creating a QR-Code about themselves.  Using a QR-Reader app, the computer generated voice reads the sentence they wrote!  They have also been hard at work starting up their Google Accounts.  Lots and lots of hard work goes into this, and they have been learning how to log on both the laptops and the Chrome Books.

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