Friday, January 29, 2016

The second graders have been working on learning different types of landforms.  We had a fun SmartBoard Activity first, then they were able to read some online books about different landforms using the Landform app on the iPads.  Using the iPad Kidspiration, they worked in groups to come up with 4 clues to give to their fellow students to see if those students could guess which landform they were describing.   We took those 4 clues and took it to the green screen, and created videos of our "Who or What am I"? game.  Here is one of those videos!

The third graders are trying out the new Finch robots.  They are expanding their knowledge of coding to make the robot move forward, back, go left and right and change colors.  They will be using the SNAP code first and then move on to learning the SCRATCH programming language.

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